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Whipped Butters You’ll Want To Eat!

Hello everyone!

So by now you guys already know that I’ve been working on stocking up my Etsy shop. So far I have at least three different varieties of soap that will be available soon. I’ve been busy not only making soap but other fun bath and body products.

Here is just a preview of what I’ve been working on:


These are my Biddy Bombs! They are small bath bombs, but they pack a punch! This particular recipe includes not only cocoa butter, but a lavender infused oil blend which contains a mixture of sweet almond oil, and grape seed oil. All of which is good for your skin! I’ve also added powdered milk, and kaolin clay for an extra luxurious bathing experience! Not only can you smell the lavender from the oil infusion, but it’s also fragranced with a lovely winter themed fragrance oil from Whole Sale Supplies Plus (WSP).


Introducing my Bath Bon Bons! Why Bon Bons? Simply put the shape reminds me of Bon Bons and they are just super adorable. Can you believe the mold I used is an ice tray from the dollar store!?

This recipe is along the same lines as my Biddy Bombs, but they contain a different blend of oils. This would be perfect for those who have oily skin as it contains coconut oil, which helps get rid of excess oil. It also has cocoa butter to help bring back any moisture lost in the process.

It is also scented with a Christmas type fragrance oil from WSP. It is a peppermint based scent, so when you add these to your bath water it would be like bathing in a York’s Peppermint Paddy! It does come in handy when you run your water too hot! These little beauties are also great for when you are taking a shower. Just sit it in the tub where the water can hit it, and as it dissolves you get a yummy peppermint scent.

I also will have multiple exclusive sets that are covered in a chocolate coating. Yum! Let me tell you they look extra fancy!


Last, but certainly not least, we have Whippy Butter! However, you may know this is whipped body butter. If you are curious I use the Easy Whipped Shea Butter recipe featured on the Soap Queen blog with just a few modifications.

The scent I used is also from WSP, and while I won’t give you the exact scent I’m using. I will tell you that it smells like gingerbread cookies. Yummy! I also used WSP’s Café Latte Sparkle Mica Powder as colorant. As you can tell I didn’t add very much. Just enough to add a bit of color.

If you are curious I will be calling this scent “Can’t Catch Me”. Get it? Because it smells like gingerbread cookies, and the gingerbread man. Cute right? Wait until you see the labels (so adorable).

Well that is it for now. I will let you guys know when the gift sets and other products are up in the shop. Don’t forget to check out my Facebook page where you can get more frequent updates!

Until next time!

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