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While You Were Mine – Kindle First for March

What can I say about While You Were Mine by Ann Howard Creel? This story brought out the feels…THE FEELS! One moment your heart will be torn in two, the next it’s warm and fuzzy, and then the next thing you know you literally want to rip pages everywhere…if it were a physical copy that it is! It’s hard for me to review books without spoiling them, so I’m going to do my best!


While You Were Mine is an historical fiction about a Nurse, Gwen, who is taking care of an child, abandoned by her former roommate and co-worker. She is dealing with all of this during the midst of World War II. For a young woman you can just imagine how hard it is to keep up, especially when you are a Nurse in the middle of a war.

After the war is over, and the celebrations begin, that is when Gwen’s life starts to change. Is it for good or bad? That’s your decision, and it’s all because the child’s father (thought to be dead) shows up on Gwen’s door step.

What heartbreak and adventures await for these two and those around them? You have to find out for yourself!

Here comes the rating system!

Profanity: 1 1/2 : There is some language but it’s very mild and not used often. This made the book so much more readable for me. Sometimes it’s hard for me to get through a book when it has so much language!

Violence:1/2: There is some discussion about abuse, but I can’t really recall anything truly violent in the book. Maybe the descriptions from the war or the hospital, but I wouldn’t say that was violent really more – necessary because of the time and events taking place.

Sexual Content: 1 1/2: There is some descriptions of sexual content, but let me just say this. It’s not Fifty Shades! Very breef, and it doesn’t go into detail that much. It’s more along the lines of feelings and what have you. Another thing that made this book enjoyable! If it’s one thing I can’t stand it’s a romance novel that reads more like porn than an actual romance…well it’s true! It’s just messed up!

All in all I’d give this book a 4 1/2 out of 5 mainly because it talks about cute, adorable, shy babies! Who wouldn’t want to read about that…especially when they snub the characters that get on your nerves 🙂

To get a head start on April’s Book of the Month we will be reading Deliver Her by Patricia Perry Donovan. It is a Suspense novel that sounds intriging! I’ll post a list of all of the other available books later on this week just in case you’d want to read something else.

Follow me on Goodreads to findout what else I’ve been reading lately! A good suggestion for the kiddies is Yuki and the One Thousand


This rating system was based on the rating and review system from!

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