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Webbed Flowers

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Halloween is upon us, and it’s one of my favorite holidays of the year! It’s only natural for me to start making decorations, right? The place I shop for my decorations and supplies every year is the Dollar Tree. It’s affordable, and they have the cutest things!

Today I decided to make a floral arrangement with some of the amazing Halloween artificial flowers they have. To make this arrangement you’ll need:

Glitter Branches
Spider Webbing
Light LED
  1. 6 – Stem Black Roses, 13″ (3 to 4 bunches)

  2. 6 – Stem Purple Roses, 13″ (2 bunches)

  3. 17″ Glittery Halloween Branches (1 orange, 2 purple)

  4. 1 Battery – Operated Halloween LED Light Strings, 5 ft (I used purple)

  5. 1 Spider Web with Plastic Spiders, 2 oz bag

  6. a glass vase

  7. Put batteries in your LED Lights, and make sure they work.

  8. Grab a handful of the spider web, and start fluffing it out.

  9. Arrange flowers and branches as desired.

  10. Put web into the vase and wrap around flowers.

  11. Add plastic spiders to outside.

  12. Weave lights around flowers and webbing.

  13. Turn on lights and insert arrangement into the vase.


If you have any changes you want to make you can fluff the webbing, rearrange the spiders, and the lights. I’m going to warn you it’s going to be a little fiddly! But you’ll get it the way you want it.

Also, you might want to seal those glitter branches with Mod Podge before working with them. They rain glitter! After making this you’ll look like you’ve been visited by fairies.

Hope your Halloween is a fright! ‘Til next time!

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