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Tie Dye Soap

I was finally able to make the Tie Dye soap from our Winter Soap Crafting Club! I had some trouble with this soap, and it was mainly due to the fragrance oil that I chose. Because Bramble Berry had issues with the original fragrance oil we were able to choose another fragrance to use. While browsing the Bramble Berry site I came across Tart Apple, and thought this would be a great fragrance to use for this soap. Let me tell you this smells AMAZING! It certainly lives up to its name. It’s not only tart, but sweet as well!

So what problems did I have with this? Well, it seemed to rice and the fragrance started seeping from the top. Although, I wouldn’t really call this ricing. It was more grainy than anything. I didn’t notice any of this of course until after I poured it. My fingers were crossed hoping that this would turn out alright, and you can obviously see why!


The seeping started about an after I poured it. This is where I started to panic! My first instinct was to grab a paper towel and absorb all of the excess. This did the job, and the soap stopped seeping fragrance after that. Thank goodness! I was worried about the inside, so I waited until the soap was hard enough to cut, and luckily the inside was fine! Not grainy and no fragrance separation. Phew!

Needless to say, even with all of the trouble I had the soap turned out amazing! Next time I use this fragrance I’ll probably reduce the amount I use to keep the seeping from happening, and hopefully to keep if from getting grainy (grainy seen in photo below).


Curious about the colors used? All of these are LabColors (Tropical Pink, Canary, Tangerine, Blue Mix, and Royal Blue), and all of the soapers out there know how LabColors work. You rarely want to use LabColors when you make soap because they bleed. This means that the color separation you see above won’t be as vivid in about a month. This is called Tie Dye soap for a reason. We are using the bleeding from the colorants to our advantage. The bleeding from the colorants will give the soap a more Tie Dye look later on. Exciting right?

Hope you guys are enjoying this blog! Now I highly doubt you will see these in my Etsy shop because while I’m happy with the results. I’m not so sure I’m satisfied enough to sale them to my customers. However, if you are able to change my mind I’ll gladly include them once they are ready!

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