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The Oddfits Review: Book of the Month!

As you know at the beginning of January I decided to start a Book of the Month. Amazon has started a program called Kindle First where they release books a month ahead of time for review. If you are a Prime member it’s FREE, if not it’s only $1.99. This a great way for you to increase your ebook collection and find new authors!

For January our book was The Oddfits by Tiffany Tsao!

What can I say about this book…I adored it! It’s full of magic, mystery, and everything in between! It focuses on a young boy who just doesn’t seem to fit in. He is oblivious of how people really treat him and is completely misunderstood.

Let me say, that Tiffany Tsao had me hooked on the first chapter! I believe I read five chapters the first night because I couldn’t put it down!

There are some little things that I would like to talk about from the book. Some of the characters were very interesting. Most of them in fact, but sometimes the book could get a little corny when it comes to naming a character or what job they did. However, I felt that this was what made this book charming!

Also, a warning for parents, there is some language but it’s not littered with it. One thing I can’t stand is when an author just overfills their novels with fowl language. It’s very off putting to me and it can distract (take away) from the story.

In this respect, Tiffany did an amazing job balancing it. She never used, what I would consider, harsh words or the worst of the worst! This book is obviously for young adults, and so I find this suitable for those in that age bracket. On a scale of 0-5, I’d put the language in this book at like 0.5 or 1.

As for the book itself. I would give this novel 4.5 on a scale of 5. The characters were developed beautifully and the book just kept you guessing the entire time!

Being new at reviewing novels I’d say this probably isn’t my best work. However, practice makes perfect! I wanted to write a review that wouldn’t spoil it for you!

Let me know what you thought about this book if you’ve read it. Also, if there is anything you think I’ve missed or should work on for future posts let me know! I want to make this an enjoyable experience for you guys!

Thank you so much for reading this review and following along. I’m so thankful for each and everyone of my readers!

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