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The Butterfly Garden: Review for May’s Kindle First

There are few things in this world that get to me, especially when it comes to media. First and foremost is unnecessary foul language. The thing about reading a book is that unlike music or movies we don’t have warnings as to what content is in the book itself. There’s no “Parental Advisory” warnings on the front cover, no ESRB ratings for contents or age appropriate stamps of approval. You must use your judgment alone to choose what book you want to read.

Now buying a physical copy in the real world is one thing because you can actually skim through the pages and know what you’re getting into. But in today’s electronic world a majority of people are reading electronically and you normally don’t get a sneak peek as to what’s going on in the book and if you can…it’s not enough to know what you’ll be finding while you’re reading.

The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchison is a prime example of the above. While what I read was very compelling I found that the frequency of foul language (and we’re not talking about the mild stuff) was distracting and interrupted the flow of the text.

Also, this is a crime novel and is written from two points of view. An FBI Agent and a victim of a very sick pervert! Let’s just say that while I appreciate details there are some things that can be left out. At least fo me, I know for others it doesn’t bother them as much and it may make the story more believable that way. But for me, as a former student who studied criminal justice, I find it quite disturbing.

It’s obvious that everything was written was made to build up the character, and make her relatable in some way. But I think sometimes as a society we can take things a little bit too far. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a good murder mystery or psychological thriller, but I think we need to keep those in mind who have been victimized. While we should bring sensitive, even controversial topics, to light! Don’t you think it’s wise for us to show some restraint and decency in the process?

I think I’ve ranted enough for now! Overall, from what I’ve read so far (37%) it’s a very compelling novel. The characters in the book are very well developed and have a real depth to them. You can almost picture them in your mind which can be hard to achieve with so much detail. Sometimes to much detail or description can distract from the story itself, so everything else just gets lost because of it. So I say I would recommend this novel, but proceed with caution!

Anyway, if you do plan on reading this PLEASE keep in mind that this warning should be on the cover:”THIS BOOK IS FOR A MATURE AUDIENCE. READER DISCRETION BE ADVISED.”

  1. Title: The Butterly Garden

  2. Author: Dot Hutchison

  3. ISBN-10: 1503934713

  4. ISBN-13: 978-1503934719

  5. Publisher: Thomas & Mercer

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