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Soap Crafting Class: Soap #2!

Alright! So a few weeks ago I received the ingredients for our next soap in Soap Crafting Club. This month we are making the Avocado Moisturizing Bar, from Anne-Marie’s book “Soap Crafting: Step by Step Techniques for Making 31 Unique Cold Process Soaps”. Anne-Marie has said herself that out of all the recipes in the book the Avocado Moisturizing Bar is her favorite.

Here’s what was included in our kit:

What can I say about this fragrance oil? Wasabi certainly sounds strange for a scent you’d want in your soaps, but let me tell you it smells amazing! Yes, it reminds me of Wasabi, but it also reminds me of pickled ginger! It’s so clean, but at the same time there is a little spiciness.

For pigments we’ll be using Yellow Oxide and Green Oxide. Pretty simple right?

Of course you can’t make soap without oils! Luck for us, Bramble Berry is nice enough to send all of the oils premixed. Keep in mind though that this was exclusively made for Soap Crafting Club, so the only people who can get this are those who signed up for this quarter. This will not be available on the website, and this is a one time deal for those in the class. You sign up for one class you get enough to make one full batch.

However, they listed the oil weight along with how much of each oil is used. So you pretty much have the recipe right there!

The last two things included (one not pictured), are sunflower oil for mixing your colorants, and a premixed lye solution, which I decided not to photograph.

For this particular recipe I only have to provide two things, ingredients wise, an avocado and distilled water. That’s right, there is actual avocado in this soap! I’m really excited to how this turns out and I can’t wait to share the results with you guys!

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