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Pnenumonia and Festivals

Hello everyone! Just wanted to update you on the going’s on. Well, as you can tell by the title I have been battling pneumonia for about a week or so. I’m not completely over it yet, but I’m getting there. In the meantime, I’ve been working on getting ready for some festivals and the farmers market. One festival in particular I’m really excited about is the Forkland Heritage Festival in Gravel Switch. It will take place this October, which gives me plenty of time to get ready. This of course is if I’m able to get a booth! I’ll keep you guys updated.

I’ve also been working on getting my soaps in the gift shop at our hospital. Wouldn’t it be nice for someone in the hospital to get a lovely handmade bar of soap or bath bomb to make them feel more at home. I think it will be therapy for those who have to be in the hospital for a while. It would also make good gifts for new Mother’s. Babies are being born everyday, and we know at some point Momma is going to need some time to herself!

The spring soap crafting class is going great. Even though I’m a little further behind the others that’s okay! It won’t take too long to get caught up. I have to say I really love the soap classes that Bramble Berry has organized. Anne-Marie and her staff are so helpful, and they are able to answer so many questions! I’m learning so much, and hopefully I’ll be able to get into the summer course. Wish me luck!

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