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Plush – O – Rama

Do you know what the best thing about not shopping online is? You never know what you are going to find! One of my favorite places to shop here in town is a little outlet mall. They have so much to choose from in terms of clothing, beauty, and even kitchen wares. Not to mention their home décor is comparable to Wayfair, but at much lower prices! They have really gorgeous pieces of artwork that I would just love to adorn my home with!

The best part about this little curiosity is their book/stationary section. I have found countless gems there including scrapbooking paper pads that would normally cost $18 for $8, and really cute recipe boxes – which by the way have yet to find the exact thing online. I can by refills that are similar for my recipe box, but not the exact same thing. This shows you how unique their items truly are!


However, one the favorite things that I’ve purchased from this mall is a book, Plush – O – Rama. What drew me to buying this book was the cover itself – I mean the little chicken plush on the front cover was just so odd and adorable I couldn’t help myself! Looking at the back cover you see more of the little darlings that you can make on the inside, and a description of what this book is about.

Plush – O – Rama, is a crafting book that is targeted towards adults who want to make unique plushies For some reason people have gotten the idea that plushies need to be “cute” – you know like Nyan Cat or Hello Kitty cute. This is not the case, and you can create super adorable plushies with an edgier side to them!

The author went into great detail in this book, not only by creating characters, sketching out patterns, and giving instructions with materials, but she also gave each character their own background story. By doing this, it brings more charm to each different character.

There are patterns featured in this book, but the author also encourage you to make your own characters and create your own patterns!When developing your own character gives you an idea on how to write a small story for them as well. After all, what good is a character without a story!

If you can’t sew don’t worry! They go over the basics of sewing and even decorative stitches that you can use on your characters! They also encourage you to use old clothes and fabric scraps to make your plushies! They even teach you how to create felt from your sweaters! Upcycling for the win!


One of my favorite patterns from the book is “Gremlins”.  These little guys are easy to make and so adorable! My aunt and I made a batch of these last year for my Halloween party to hand out to the kiddies and they loved it! They loved it so much I might do it again this year along with the soaps I made last year. Although, I think the soap went over better with the parents than it did with the kids…especially the Mommies!

Case in point, if you are looking for a new craft, and something just a little “off the cuff” this book is for you! Filled with whimsical characters, and packed with tons of information for beginners you can’t go wrong with this book!

So get out there and go shopping! I know that shopping online is convenient and there are times that call for it – like soaping supplies! But when you get out there and go to local shops you never know what unique items you’ll find!

Now while I’m encouraging you to shop at local stores you may have trouble finding this book. So if you can, go to a local book store and request it! Have them order it for you. It’s always good to give a local shop business, but if you can’t by all means go find it online, and make sure to get a physical copy! Here’s a little tip for you – when ordering a book that includes patterns, such as sewing patterns, always buy the physical copy because it will be practically impossible to get the patterns from the electronic version!

I hope you guys have a great day, and I look forward to seeing your creations! If you do purchase this book and make something please share it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr with #AliciaReardonCrafts!


Title: Plush – O – Rama : Curious Creatures for Immature Adults Author: Linda Kopp Publisher: Lark Books, Inc. ISBN – 13: 978-1-57990-87-2 ISBN – 10: 1-57990878-0                                                                                                                             Available at Barnes and Noble

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