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My “First” Adventure In Soapmaking

Hello everyone! Today I thought I would share a story with you. One that my family loves to tell!

When I was still a toddler you could say that I was pretty mischievous. I took any chance I had to explore and learn. My Mom used to work at night and my Dad would be home with us during the day. Let me tell you my Dad was tired when he would come home from work, so he gave me many opportunities to get in trouble.

My Brother and I used to watch this Superman VHS a lot when we were younger. So when my Dad got home from work he put the tape in for us to watch. Of course when he did this and got comfortable in his chair…he fell asleep. I knew this was my chance to go wondering around the house.

When my Dad finally awoke from his slumber he was surprised to find that my Brother was fast asleep and I wasn’t in the room. Like any concerned parent would do he called my name to see where I was at. He soon found out how troublesome I really was.

I peeked my head around the corner of the kitchen and he was shocked at the sight! Why was I in the kitchen? I decided it would be a good idea to go looking around in the kitchen cabinets. While exploring the cabinets I apparently came across a tub of Crisco (shortening). Can you imagine what happened next? I did what any child would do and slathered that Crisco all over myself. Why? Because why not!

When my Dad found me he said I was so covered that there was no skin visible and he could only see my eyes peeking through! Now he had to give me a bath… the problem was getting me in the tub! My Dad has said many times that every time he went to pick me up I would slip right out of his fingers! It was kind of like trying to catch a greased pig. Not easy!

When he eventually did get me in the tub he had to give me a bath in Dawn dish detergent! When they say it cuts through grease they mean it!

When my Mom got home and saw the state of the bath tub… Can you imagine? “What happened in here?”, while staring at a large ring in the tub. My Dad quickly answered her question.

“Oh your daughter decided to get into the Crisco. By the way where did you put it?”

My Mom put the Crisco in the bottom cabinet. Problem is she would let me play with the pots and pans from that cabinet. Guess who had clean the tub, because after washing me my Dad certainly wasn’t going to do it 🙂

This is what I like to call my first adventure in soap making! Hey I was just experimenting with future ingredients…

As you can tell I was too young at the time to remember any of this, but they both remember it well! While I’m not a great writer I thought this would be something to share. Hopefully you enjoyed reading it! Do you know of any stories when you were younger and mischievous? Let me know in the comments below!

Look out for The Book of the Month post this Friday. I just finished reading The Oddfits and… we’ll just save it Friday 😉

Have a good rest of the week everyone!

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