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Last Minute Christmas Gifts To Blow Their Minds!

It’s getting close to that day again folks! The clock is ticking and if your like some of us you may have a hard time finding the right gift for someone, so you just wait until the last minute!

Here are just a few simple ideas for you in a pinch!

For the Tea Lover

One of my favorite things to do is relax on my couch with nice hot cup of tea. I recently discovered this jewel of a magazine Tea Time. They have amazing articles about the history of different teas, the companies, and they even have complete table settings and menus for parties (including recipes)!

So if you have a tea lover like me in the family here’s a little idea. You can actually hop on over to the Tea Time website and pick out a recipe. I’d say maybe some scones or tea cakes. Bake it and put it in some nice packaging.

Then go to a local tea shop and get some good quality tea to go with it. If you don’t have a tea shop nearby you can go to your local grocery store and find Bigelow Tea. They are a great brand and have been around for a long time (70 years). They make so many delicious flavors of tea and it’s really affordable!

To finish this off you can grab yourself a basket put some other goodies in there to fill up space and wrap it all up in a nice bow. If you are feeling super jolly this year you could gift them a subscription to Tea Time magazine. They have both print and digital subscriptions.

Here’s a simple Madeleine recipe that is sure to impress! Don’t worry if you don’t have a madeleine pan. I’m sure a cupcake pan would do just fine. Experiment! Be a rebel in the kitchen!

For the Movie Fanatic

Nothing says “I love you!” like a giant tub of popcorn! So if you know someone who just loves movies make them a basket all about it!

There are these great popcorn tubs you can purchase from the Dollar Tree that work great for basket bases! So I’d go to your local Dollar Tree or Dollar Store and check it out.

Here are a few things you can toss in the basket:

  1. popcorn

  2. movie box candy

  3. gift cards for Wal-Mart (they’re partnered with VUDU) so they can purchase any movie they want!

  4. gift card for the local theater

  5. figures from their favorite show or movie (Batman, Doctor Who, Avengers)

  6. poster from their favorite film

Toss it all in that tub and you’ve got yourself one great gift!

For the Crafter

Let’s be honest here ladies and gentlemen. If you’re a crafter you would be thrilled to get packages of hot glue sticks and tacky glue for Christmas. Why? Because they are essentials when it comes to crafting!

If you know someone who is in love with a particular craft like knitting or crochet. The one thing they will always need…YARN! I’m telling you if you go to Hobby Lobby and raid that yarn section throw it in a gift bag you will be an Angel!

Know someone who paints? They will always be in need for new brushes, paints, canvas, gesso. You name it! The essentials!

Cross Stitcher? Go grab some embroidery floss, tapestry needles, and different counts of canvas (not to be confused with painters canvas). Plastic canvas and even perforated paper! Better yet get them a subscription to Just CrossStitch magazine while you’re at it. Amazing patterns for them to get inspired by!

But what about those who sew? Simple, just get some fabric! Sewers love building up their stash and patterns never hurt either! They have great sales around this time of year!

Well that’s all I can give you for tonight folks. I have a great DIY for you, but I guess it’s going to have to wait. In the meantime, if you are still having problems finding the right gift you pop over to my Pinterest board! I have one made especially for gift baskets and links to other blogs with great gift giving ideas. You can browse all you like! Oh, and while you’re at why don’t you pop on over to my good friend Domino Dreams blog she has a really cute and thoughtful idea for those who crochet!

If there’s anything you see on Pinterest that you would like me to try let me know!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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