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January’s Book of The Month!

Yes, you’ve read it correctly folks! I’ve decided to do a monthly feature – something to engage us as a community! Since I love reading and I know that some you of you might as well I decided to do a Book of the Month.

Amazon has a really cool program called Kindle First where you can choose one of next months new releases for $1.99 (free for Prime members). The editors choose six books that are to be released next month so we can read and review them. Pretty awesome right?

For this month I’ve chosen to read The Oddfits by Tiffany Tsao. The books cover is what drew me in, but the description didn’t sound half bad either.

It’s about an eight year old boy who doesn’t quite fit in. This boy is learning who he really is, where he’s from, and discovering a whole new world…kind of like Harry Potter, but possibly no wizards.

So if you are interested in reading along with me go pick yourself up a copy or read one of the other books and tell me how you like it! They all have their charms!

You can find them here at Kindle First January!

And I wanted to let you guys no that none of my posts are never sponsored. If in the future that happens I let you know!

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