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It’s true I have a problem…

It’s true I have a problem! But to be fair Bramble Berry’s products are just so good I can’t help myself, and who can’t resist a good fragrance sample? Anyway, this order happened to be one of their soap making kits, which comes with the ingredients, and even the mold to make the soap. A good deal right? It’s great for someone who is a beginner in soap making. It even comes with easy to understand instructions and some of the kits they offer have corresponding Soap Queen TV episodes to follow along with!

The kit I ordered is the Swirl Soap Kit. After opening the box this afternoon to my surprise they had given me an entirely different mold than what was listed on the site. Of course I didn’t mind because it was the ever so popular 10″ Silicone Loaf Mold! Even if they had given me the original mold, 9″ Loaf Mold, I would have been just as happy.


It comes with three melt and pour bases. 2 lb’s of Bramble Berry’s Clear Base and 1 lb of Bramble Berry’s White Base. They are very affordable at only $2.86 a block, which makes this kit easy to refill!

Melt and Pour Bases

The colorants are great too! You get 1/2 an oz each of Liquid Non-Bleeding Blue, Violet, and Pink. You also get 0.20 oz of Light Gold Mica. Again these items are relatively inexpensive, which makes these easy to replace as well.


The last thing you get is 1 oz of Yuzu Fragrance Oil. This smells so good! It’s a bright fragrance, and is a great citrus scent.


Of course with every order you get a fragrance oil sample and this months fragrance oil was Dark Rich Chocolate. I got lucky with this order because they accidentally sent me two samples instead of one! Although to be fair my box was filled to the brim with packing peanuts, so would have been difficult to know if the sample had made it in there or not. This just goes to show that they really do double check the orders before shipping them out!

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