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So it’s been a few months since I’ve posted anything, but I have a good excuse I promise! My Mother had back surgery in July, and she was staying with me during her recovery. Also, I myself have been in and out of the hospital a few times in the past three or four months. Nothing to be concerned about I assure you, but in my downtime I have been designing soaps and… well trying to come up with my OWN signature recipe. While using Quick Mixes from Bramble Berry is no trade secret I thought it was about time to create my own “masterpiece”.

Also, during the time I’ve been off there has been an extra member added to my soaping team, my Aunt! Now, keep in mind this is a hobby for me, and maybe one day I’ll treat it as a business, but for right now I’m doing this to keep myself sane. This is one of our recent endeavors.


One of my successful experiments just happens to be one of my favorites so far! For this particular soap we used the scraps from the “Tie-Dye” batch to make soap balls, which acted as my “planets”.


The fragrance oil was from Whole Sale Supplies Plus, and it smells great! The colorants I used were also from a different a company, TKB Trading. The darkest color was “Blue Steel” Mica, and the other colors were from the Neon Pigments line that they have. I have to say that these colorants were easy to work with, and dispersed in oil very easily.

The fragrance oil performed great as well. We did have a slight issue with acceleration, and ricing, but from experience I’ve noticed this happens when you soap at higher temperatures and if the environment you are soaping in is hot as well. It happened to be particularly hot that day!

The stars are just simple melt and pour embeds. I used a Honey MP base from Amazon, and added some color and shimmer with a gold mica from Coastal Scents!

Hope you guys enjoyed this quick update! This soap should be available on my Etsy shop in Mid-November!

Before I forget! Please check out this Booster page and help out a good cause! There are only 12 days left until it closes and I would love to see this goal reached! Thanks again 🙂

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