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I Love You To Pieces Floating Card

Halloween is slowly creeping up on us, which means binge-watching horror films. At least for me, anyway! Anyone can find inspiration in the most unlikely places; for me, it's horror films. Well, during October.

Regarding stamp companies, one of my all-time favorites has to be Kindred Stamps. They have unique stamp sets that will take your card-making to another level.

For the "I Love you To Pieces" Floating Card, I used Kindred Stamps "The Horror!" Stamp Set. One thing to note about Kindred Stamps is that all their stamps are limited edition and are retired at a certain point. As of writing this post, this stamp set is still available and is only $23.99. A steal for a 6x8 stamp set.

The Horror! 6x8 Stamp Set by Kindred Stamps