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Yesterday, I was finally able to make the Funnel Pour soap project from the Winter 2014 Soap Crafting Club. Today, I was able to unmold, and cut it. Let me tell you it smells so good! It looks like Rainbow Sherbet, and smells like it too! The fragrance oil used in this recipe was Blackberry Sage Cybilla. It smells absolutely delicious! Defiantly something I will be purchasing again.

I have to say that this was a fun project, but it was a little difficult. You have to work fast because if you don’t your soap will start to thicken up to where it won’t make it through the funnel. So it’s really important that you use an fragrance oil that does not accelerate trace, and you also want to work at a very light trace to begin with.

You should see my kitchen right now. It is seriously filled with bars of Cold Process Soap. I’m going to need more room because I have to make another batch this week! Whew!

#Soap #blackberrysagecybilla #funnelpour #soapclass #sherbet

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