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February’s Book of The Month

Yes, I know that I’m a little late on this post but I have good excuses…

Anyway, as you guys know Amazon releases six different books at the beginning of each month for everyone to read. One from different categories, so you don’t get bored! This program, for those who do not know, is called Kindle First. The only bad thing about this program is that you only get to choose one book 😦 The good thing is if you are an Amazon Prime member your book is FREE! Anyone else who would like to participate only has to pay $1.99 for their copy, which is still a good price considering that some ebooks todays can be up in the $10 range…YIKES!

Our choices this month were:

Thriller: The Last Girl by Joe Hart (The Dominion Triliogy Book 1) – The Last Girl is a what if? What would happen if the human race were no longer able to bare female children? This is what Joe Hart explores in this novel.

Romantic Suspense: Ghost Gifts by Laura Spinella – Ghost Gifts is about a woman named Aubrey Ellis who is a medium. This is a gift that she tries to hide and does not like to talk about, but at some point in this novel that all changes. I have personally yet to read this novel mainly because I’m cautious around romance novels. Fifty Shades, and others that followed has made me paranoid so I don’t know what to expect from these types of novels anymore. The strange thing is I’ve never read Fifty Shades…go figure! Book paranoia!

International Thriller: Little Sister (A James Palatine Novel Book 1) by Giles O’Bryen – When I’m reading the description of this novel all I can do is picture the main character, James Palatine, as Jason Stathom. It’s that type of novel. Little Sister is supposed to be a code name for some type of surveillance device. Let’s just say by the description it has all the makings of a James Bond film if you add a smidgen of Transporter.

Contemporary Fiction: North of Here by Laurel Saville – North of Here sounds like an amazing novel. You have young girl, Miranda, who is recovering from a tragedy, and really awesome lumberjack who sounds like her would do anything for her. It’s like Twilight…but with lumberjacks! Both of them get conned by a man named Darius, but we don’t know exactly what they were manipulated into. All we know by the description is that he is charismatic, handsome, and a “guru”. Sounds like a Manson to me! I really want to read this book just to see where this goes!

War Fiction: Winter Men by Jesper Bugge Kold, K.E. Semmel – Winter Men is a novel about two brothers who join the Nazis during WWII. They perform unspeakable acts and after the war is over they find themselves in a dilemma. They know what they’ve done is wrong and now they must live with their mistakes. What will become of these two men and how will they deal with the burden of what they’ve done? This one sounds amazing as well.

Literary Fiction: All the Lasting Things by David Hopson – This novel is all about family and how they deal with everyday issues. A novelist who is battling Alzheimer’s, a son who was a 80’s sitcom star now an alcoholic, and a sister who does her best to keep a family secret. When it all comes crashing down what will hold them together? That is what this story is about. Think about Job and his trials; having everything taken away from him until he couldn’t bear it no longer. What would it take? It took Job a lot! So what will it take this family? That’s what I’m gathering from the description anyway.

The deadline has passed for the $1.99 and Free price for the books, but you can pre order the books for $5.99 or if you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber they will be added to the library.

For the month of February I chose The Last Girl by Joe Hart. It was a very good read. My main concern was that it was going to be your typical YA novel. That wasn’t the case. This book covered some very heavy topics. So parents I would advise you not to let anyone under the age of 17 to read this novel.

While the subjects that it covers are important for young women to learn about. It can be difficult as a parent to answer questions.

There’s also some harsh language. Let’s see if I can create a scale of O to 3.

Profanity: This is a straight up 2 1/2. It was frequent and was used to get your attention. Not to mention crude.

Violence: This goes to 2 1/2 as well. The scenes we described in detail, they mention rape, and abuse (not in to much detail and does not go to far). However, the writer does so in a way the character is stronger. Every event that happens to her builds her character and makes her that much stronger.

Sexual Content: This gets at least a 2 and in some instances a 2 1/2. The book has some implied sex scenes but does not go into too much detail. However, as mentioned above there are scenes where their are instances of abuse and rape. This is why I would say that this is a book not meant for younger children.

Overall this was a great novel despite some of the content. It’s about a young woman overcoming obstacles on her own. Exploring a world she’s never seen, and meeting people she doesn’t know and learning to trust others. So what if?

I’d give this a 4 out 5! Great job Mr. Hart!

This rating system was based on the rating and review system from!

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