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DIY: Turkey Wall Decor

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a good weekend! Are you guys getting ready for Thanksgiving? It’s coming up really fast. Is it me or do the Holidays always seem to go by really fast.

To me it seems that Thanksgiving is always skipped over. Like it’s unappreciated when it comes to decorations and what not. No joke, our local stores had Christmas decorations out in October…OCTOBER! Are you kidding me? So because I seem to have a hard time finding decent decorations for Thanksgiving, and for the simple fact that I like making my own anyways I decided to make these adorable Turkeys!

For this project I decided to use my new Craftwell Cut-n-Boss that I purchased from Create and Craft in July. Let me tell you it has been a joy to work with. Since I am a beginner when it comes to working with die cutting machines I was surprised at how easy it was to use. This thing is a BEAST!


Craftwell Cut-n-Boss

Keep in mind though you DO NOT NEED a die cutting machine for this project. You can just simply cut out all of the shapes with a pair of scissors!

Here are the supplies I used:

  1. Craftwell Cut-n-Boss (any die cutting machine will work) or cut by hand

  2. Classic Collection Die Set by Craftwell (Flower and Heart)

  3. Create and Craft Die-Lectables Snowman

  4. Sizzix Texture Fades A2 Embossing Folders – Halloween Words and Cobwebs by Tim Holtz

  5. Adhesives: Gluestick, Tape Runner (purchased from Create and Craft), scotch tape

  6. Scissors

  7. Awl

  8. Cardstock and Construction Paper

Alright! Now that you have all of your supplies together let’s get started! The first thing you want to do is to cut out all of your pieces. I cut out 10 hearts of each color, but you can cut out as many hearts as you want!


Here I used the Heart and Flower dies from the Classic Craftwell set. I’ve also taken the Tope Hat, Boggin, Eyes, and Carrot Nose dies from the Create and Craft Die-Lectables Snowman Die Set.

I used cardboard but would not recommend it as it was pretty difficult work with.

I used cardboard but would not recommend it as it was pretty difficult work with.

If you want to add texture now is the time! For the brown cardstock I used the Cobwebs embossing folder from the Sizzix set. After embossing, gather all of your hearts and cut them in half these will be your feathers!

Grab a scrap piece of paper and start layering your feathers. Make sure to alternate your colors! My tape runner came in handy here but you can use any adhesive you are comfortable with. The back layer should be higher than the front so you get a fuller effect.


Cut a waddle out of red cardstock and grab a piece of scrap yellow cardstock for the hat later on.

Gather all of your pieces together because now you are ready to assemble! Here’s what you should have:

  1. Hat

  2. Waddle (see caption)

  3. Yellow strip of paper (see caption)

  4. Eyes

  5. Carrot nose

  6. Brown heart half (this will be used for the head)

  7. Flower cut out (not pictured)

  1. Run your tape runner along the back of your Flower piece and align it with your feathers. Firmly press it down to make sure it is secure.

  2. Take the heart piece, add adhesive, and position it in the center. It’s up to you how high up you would like your turkey’s head to be 🙂

  3. Before placing the head onto the body. Grab the waddle and carrot nose from earlier and add it to the side with adhesive. Be sure it is facing the proper way so that when you flip it over you turkey has a beak!

  4. The hardest part is placing on the eyes. If you would rather, I have no objections into drawing these little rascals on!

  5. For the hat remove the holly leaf. Cut the yellow scrap paper to size and stick it to the back bottom portion.

  6. Attach the to the turkey!


Alternatively if you would like to use the Boggin just cut of the top and attach it the turkey to look like a bonnet! Pretty cute right!

Be sure to cut the excess paper/cardboard away from your turkey!

You can use these in a garland or just hang them on the wall with some leaves! Either way they make a really cute decoration for this Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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