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Designer Challenge: Van Gogh Color Palette

Van Gough is an icon in the art world. You can mention his name and everyone is going to know who he is. His gift was taking the world and applying it the canvas for all to see. When you read about Van Gough, and read the letters he wrote to his brother; you can’t help but sympathize.

Last year, I had the privilege of seeing two of his paintings at the Toledo Museum of Art in Toledo, Ohio. If you ever get the chance I highly recommend visiting this fantastic museum! They have an extensive collection of historical pieces of furniture, ceramics, and of course paintings from Van Gough, Claude Monet, and even Renoir! There are no words to express the emotions when you see the brush strokes. I can safely say that I was speechless, and could probably just sit and stare at those beautiful works of art forever.


Since learning graphic design one of my favorite things to do is create color palettes. Using a photo you’ve captured, and grabbing colors to create a cohesive color palette is so much fun! Not to mention you can get some of the most extraordinary color stories!

Of course, if I wanted to challenge my readers it had to be a designing challenge right? Good thing I’m not picky! Here’s how it works: You can create anything you want as long as you use colors within the color palette! For example, you can do a mix media project, jewelry, or even polymer clay charms! We’re just trying to get your creative juices flowing!


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