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Deliver Her: A Tale To Warm The Heart

Sorry about the delay everyone! I’ve been having some medical issues, which I may post about later since it would take a post by itself to explain. But today I’m going to be posting my thoughts on last months Book of the Month, Deliver Her by Patricia Perry Donovan.

Patricia Donovan did a fantastic job with this novel by tackling difficult subjects such as drug/alcohol abuse, death of a loved one, and families struggling to stay together. This is what made the novel so relatable to me because everyone at some point in their lives has lost someone close to them and grief can cause damage to someones spirit in a major way.

When Bram Stoker wrote his famous novel each chapter was written like journal entries from each character. One chapter would be from his character Jonathan Harker and the next from Dr. Van Helsing. This gave the reader a chance to see the story from different perspectives as the story unfolded. It gave it depth and was a new way of developing each individual character.

Donovan done the same thing here with her novel. By giving us the different perspectives of her main characters it gave the novel depth, but you also see the characters grow and develop throughout the novel. There’s just something amazing about being able to see different sides to the same story.

While reading a novel from a one character perspective is just as entertaining it can only give you so much information. Sometimes you end up questioning what’s going on in another character’s head. However, it has its own charms because it comes with mystery 🙂

Overall, this story was filled with much heart, and had a way of bringing your tears…well depending on what type of reader you are.

I would recommend this book for older teens 16+ and adults. This is due to the subject matter discussed, and language. The language is not that bad, but some of the harsher words are used so keep that in mind if you plan on reading this book. A few f-bombs are dropped, and the infamous g-d-. Unlike other novels though I feel like the language is not overly used, which made it much more readable.

I’d give this novel a 5 out 5 for not only the great plot and characters, but the heart and hard work that was put into writing this novel. Patricia Donovan obviously did a lot of work researching for this novel!

For May’s Kindle First choice we’ll be reading The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchison, a Thriller about a serial killer being chased down by two detectives, and their only real lead is a survivor. But can she be trusted? It’s like Silence of the Lambs meets Secret Garden….if the garden was creepy! So stop by Amazon or the Kindle Book App and get your copy! Or feel free to choose one of the other selections available!

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