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Creativelive – Februray 2017

If you’ve read my blog post back in … then you’ll know that one of my favorite sites to learn is Creativelive. For those unfamiliar with Creativelive, they’re a website dedicated to teaching quality classes on subjects like graphic design, business, and even photography. The best part, it’s free! Every month Creativelive broadcasts free classes on their site. You can find a complete schedule of dates and upcoming classes.

If you want full-time access to any of these classes they are available for purchase. This will allow you to watch the class anytime you want! Creativelive wants you to be able to try many types and choose the right one for you!

Here are just some of my favorite classes that will be available in February!

February 1st – 2nd: Bold & Fearless Design with James Victore

February 1st – 2nd: Introduction to Calligraphy with Fullosophie, Bianca Mascorro

February 3rd – 4th: Introduction to Mixed Media with Stephenie Hamen

February 4th – 5th: Watercolor 101 with Molly Murrah

February 5th – 6th: Knit Maker 101 with Vickie Howell

If you are interested in taking any of these courses the Creativelive web page to create an account. Once there you will find the free broadcast classes under the ‘On Air’ section. Browse and locate the class you want, make your selection, and next to the class you should find a button that reads ‘RSVP.’ Clicking this will send helpful reminders to your email!

Taking any of these classes? Let me know! Comment in the section below or Tweet me @alicia_reardon with #CreativeliveCIC!

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