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Botched Batches

Okay, so I haven’t really messed up a batch of soap yet. However, Sunday I was making a batch and it got kind of crazy. First thing that went wrong was the fragrance oil. Let’s just say I made the mistake of using a thin plastic cup to measure out my fragrance oil, and the fragrance oil ended up MELTING THE BOTTOM RIGHT OUT! There it was, 1.5 oz’s of fragrance oil just wasted all over my counter. Good thing I cover up my work surfaces!

After getting over that tragedy, I finally got my soap all mixed up, and poured into the mold. The one thing I forgot to do…tap the mold to release air bubbles! It didn’t come to my mind until it was too late and the soap had already hardened. Oh, well! It still turned out great! Just a lot of white specks in there.

Note: Sorry no pictures are up yet, but I will post them as soon as I can. Thanks for your patience 🙂

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