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Avocado Moisturizing Bars and Other News

So yesterday I made the Avocado Moisturizing Bars for Soap Crafting Club. It turned out well despite the trouble I had making it. The trouble came around while adding the colorants. When it was time to add the fragrance oil it had thicken up quite a bit. I had to quickly mix in the fragrance and then plop the soap into the mold.

This could have been due to my oils being to cool. Since this recipe had palm oil, and a few other solid oils, you had to soap with the oils at around 120. Solid oils tend to harden at around 90 degrees. When I checked the oil temperature it was around 108. With this class our lye comes already mixed in the appropriate amount of water. This means we have to soap at room temperature with the lye solution.

After getting the soap into the mold I had to make a decision about gel phase. This soap is special because in order to prevent the soap from going into gel phase you have to freeze it. I went ahead and decided to let my soap go through gel phase. Lucky me, the gel phase spread throughout the soap. So no weird circles! Needless to say, even with the difficulty I had, I really enjoyed making this recipe.

The only down side to this recipe is that it has an experation date. Because it contains an actual food product this soap will only last a year.

Here’s what my soap looked like after cutting:

The other news I would like to share with you is about my Etsy shop. Recently I had my DBA (doing business as) name changed. So, as of today, my shop is known as “Denise’s Sassy Pieces” (FKA Alicia Reardon – Soaps n More). The name of my blog will not change, but I thought shop could use a better name.

For all of my readers here is a special coupon code that will get you 20% off of your purchase price. Just use RELAUNCH31 at checkout. You can visit my shop at:

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